How I found Famous Roses

How I found Famous Roses

Promotii-GIF-2_1000xBeing a gardening enthusiast I am constantly looking for new plants and flowers to add in my garden. One day I was searching on the internet rose bushes for sale and I saw this website called Famous Roses. I said to myself that they must have great products otherwise they would not call themselves Famous Roses.

I entered the online shop and to my surprise I came across a wide variety of  garden roses. I was actually interested to add to my garden climbing roses but Famous Roses had more than I asked. All their roses had a brief specification about the person who bred them, the price and information about their growing habits.

A bred of roses that instantly convinced me to make a purchase was Guy Savoy Floribunda rose bred by Delbrand and the other was Niccolo Paganini bred by Meilland Richardier.

The Niccolo Paganini is a very beautiful rose due to its beautiful dark red colour inspiring just as much emotion as the famous composer once evoked among his audience. I was also please to know that the Niccolo Paganini rose can reach up to 70 to 90 cm in height.

Even though Famous Roses is based in Romania, their online store is very well build and allow foreign customer to purchase products easily. The menu is in English and all their prices are listed using the euro currency. I felt very lucky to have found this amazing online shop, because I have made an unique purchase and the cost very convenient.

Delivery tax was very much acceptable since the transport was covering a large distance from Romania to the United Kingdom. The order came relatively quick and the rose were in a very good condition. Famous Roses uses a special package that maintains moisture so that the roses survive the journey.

I am very pleased with Famous Rose and I will buy again in the near future. Famous Roses offers great products keeping price convenient. I highly recommend them!

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